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thenordinsApril 24, 2021

Just like all home gardeners we also had the wish for bigger vegetables in our veggie patch and more fruit in our garden. We did not feel comfortable with buying industrial products in plastic packaging that had travelled around the world. Those fertilisers are probably great but it was just not in line with what we wanted for our garden.

We tried manures from our chickens, friends horses  but they need to be well aged not to burn the plants so even though it was a good natural alternative, it needed a lot of work to be usable. Most animal manure can also  contain unwanted seeds which just adds more hassle.

So we were still looking for a good, easy and natural plant food.

When Angela’s parents bought their first alpaca we were told about how good the alpaca manure had been for their garden. In the beginning we thought that they were just saying the same as all other animal owners,  “the manure from my animal is the best there is!”  But after looking around their garden we started to noticing that something was different, so we decided to give it a go.

Fresh alpaca manure can be applied straight into the ground, it does not need to be aged or treated. So one spring we just went over to the farm, picked some manure, drove home and put it into the ground when we planted our potatoes, strawberries, carrots and other spring vegetables. No waiting around, not piles to turn and no smell, it just went straight into the ground.

As soon as the seeds started to come up from the ground, we knew something was different. We could see it with our own eyes straight away. All our plants looked healthier from the start. And that continued all through the summer. Potatoes, tomatoes, onions, carrots and more, we had our best harvest for many years!

It was clear that what comes out of these alpacas is different from anything else we had ever tried.

All without chemicals, factories, plastics and worldwide distribution networks. But also, without long waits and without having to go out in the cold rain turn over a smelly poo pile. This was the solution we had been looking for.

We were very pleased, but we also started to think about ways to make it easier to handle and easier to spread around our plants.  After a lot of testing and practice, we eventually ended up with our own homemade alpaca based fertiliser, much like the one you see here on this website today.

Whilst we made it with no other thought that to use it ourselves. When we spoke to people about our experience using our homemade Alpaca fertiliser, more and more people got interested and wanted to try it. So much that we decided to help them out, and that started the journey that led to this website and this text that you are reading.

It looks like you, just like us, are a little bit curious about alpacas!

Thank you for visiting out website, we hope you like it!

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