August Potatoes

The summer is still in full bloom and as we enjoy the fruits of our vegetable garden labours. It’s time to start to preparing for the autumn.
Let me be clear that I don’t mean that in a boring and kill joy way. I mean it in the most exciting way possible, what to grow next. Just because it’s autumn does not mean that you have to stop enjoying the joy of seeing new life sprout in your garden. In the beginning of this month we planted 10 seed potatoes in our garden with the hope of getting some lovely new potatoes later in the year (I’m avoiding the big C-word here, as much as I love it, it should not be mentioned before November). But when it comes, I hope that our “Nicola” seed potatoes together with some Alpaca Natural will deliver. So far it seems like they are on track.

We popped in around 6tbs of Alpaca Natural per potato and we left a  couple without Alpaca Natural. I think you can see an obvious difference.
We’ve had one wonderful crop of potatoes already this year, and another one nearly ready. It’s a real treat in our house to cook the potatoes minutes after digging them up.

If you still have potatoes in the ground don’t forget that they would still appreciate some food to stay healthy. Turning in a handful of Alpaca Natural per plant in to the soil or just mixed into the water when you water them, works a treat for that final push they need.

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For many planting vegetables is a spring thing, but with a bit of planning you can enjoy your own fresh produce for many months still. Imagine what vegetables you would like to eat on your upcoming Sunday roast. August is a great time to sow them. 

It’s not too late to get a lovely autumn harvest of carrots, Radishes, and spring onions.  Also, don’t forget about the leaves! Pak choi, Spinach, Kale, cabbages and some salad varieties are also some lovely choices that you can plant now for an autumn harvest. Of course to get the best out of them don’t forget to add in some Alpaca Natural Plant Food.

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