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  • What’s the difference between an Alpaca and a Llama?
    We love meeting people at the shows we attend and it’s great to share our knowledge of Alpacas with you. We’re often asked what is the difference between an Alpaca and a Llama. Most people don’t think there are any differences, they are related and both Alpacas and Llama are south American camelids but there are quite a few differences.The most-distinguishing physical differences between alpacas and llamas are their size, their… Read more: What’s the difference between an Alpaca and a Llama?
  • Our Journey
    Just like all home gardeners we also had the wish for bigger vegetables in our veggie patch and more fruit in our garden. We did not feel comfortable with buying industrial products in plastic packaging that had travelled around the world. Those fertilisers are probably great but it was just not in line with what we wanted for our garden. We tried manures from our chickens, friends horses  but… Read more: Our Journey
  • August in the veggie patch
    The summer is still in full bloom and as we enjoy the fruits of our vegetable garden labours. It’s time to start to preparing for the autumn.Let me be clear that I don’t mean that in a boring and kill joy way. I mean it in the most exciting way possible, what to grow next. Just because it’s autumn does not mean that you have to stop enjoying the… Read more: August in the veggie patch
  • Why Alpacas?
    Alpaca poo fertilises your garden the natural way. There are so many animals out there, why would fertiliser from Alpaca be any different? The secret to the greatness of Alpaca poo fertiliser can be found inside the alpaca itself. Not many people know this, but Alpacas don’t have just one stomach. They have three! These three stomachs work together to help the Alpaca to maximise it’s nutritional uptake from… Read more: Why Alpacas?
  • When and how to use Natural Alpaca Plant Food
    Planting Potatoes When planting potatoes just put about 6 tablespoons of AlpacaNatural in and around the hole where you’re planting your seedling potato.Mix the powder into the ground before adding water. Depending on the nutritional values of your soil you can add more alpaca fertiliser every 2-4 weeks either as a powder on top of the soil or mixed with water. Onions & Charlottes When planting seeds just sprinkle… Read more: When and how to use Natural Alpaca Plant Food
  • Why use Alpaca Plant Food
    All the plant foods we sell are fertilisers that we use in our own garden.We know about it because we use it! We are a local West Sussex business all our products are produced and packed at our farm in the rural countryside outside Petworth.  This is where the Alpacas eat their grass, this is where their poo is collected, prepared and packaged.Everything is made on our doorstep in harmony with nature.… Read more: Why use Alpaca Plant Food