• Our Journey

    thenordins April 24, 2021

    Just like all home gardeners we also had the wish for bigger vegetables in our veggie patch and more fruit in our garden. We did not feel comfortable with buying industrial products in plastic packaging that had travelled around the world. Those fertilisers are probably great but it was just not in line with what we wanted for our garden. We tried manures from our chickens, friends horses  but they…

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  • August in the veggie patch

    thenordins August 23, 2020

    The summer is still in full bloom and as we enjoy the fruits of our vegetable garden labours. It’s time to start to preparing for the autumn.Let me be clear that I don’t mean that in a boring and kill joy way. I mean it in the most exciting way possible, what to grow next. Just because it’s autumn does not mean that you have to stop enjoying the joy…

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