Why use Alpaca Plant Food

thenordinsJune 24, 2020

All the plant foods we sell are fertilisers that we use in our own garden.
We know about it because we use it!

We are a local West Sussex business all our products are produced and packed at our farm in the rural countryside outside Petworth.  This is where the Alpacas eat their grass, this is where their poo is collected, prepared and packaged.
Everything is made on our doorstep in harmony with nature.  We take great pride in our products and the fact that we are in control of the full chain from the field until we hand them over to you.

Macro and Micro Nutrients

Alpaca manure has one of the highest N-P-K values of any naturally created plant food. It’s much lower in organic matter content than the manure from most other animals. Giving your plants more nutrients as well as helping to improve soil texture and water holding capacity.

One big difference between factory made fertilisers and Alpaca Natural Plant Food is the wide range of Micro nutrients. Below is what we have in Alpaca Natural but what is missing completely from many of the chemical big brands that you can buy in your garden centre or super market.

Magnesium (Mg) 4653 mg/Kg – For photosynthesis.
Zink (Zn) 345mg/Kg – Key part of many enzymes and proteins.
Calcium (Ca) 21844 mg/Kg – For plant structure and transports minerals.
Copper (Cu) 52 mg/Kg – For chlorophyll formation.
Sulfur (S) 3371 mg/Kg – Required for Nitrogen uptake.
Sodium (Na) 1499 mg/Kg – Aids in metabolism and synthesis of chlorophyll not made from chemicals or have been shipped around the world.It’s local alpacas whose diet is mainly grass and water.

Our fertilisers are dry

We only use dried manure in our products. Not “sort of dried” or “half dried”, but properly dried, in our own drying facilities. Anything else would just mean shipping water around, and that just does not benefit anyone.

Our fertilisers are in powder form

We grind all our alpaca manure into a fine powder instead of selling the beans whole or shredded. In our opinion this has many benefits as you get a product that is easier to use and that get’s absorbed into your soil in a much more controlled manner, unprocessed beans dissolve in different speed. Un dissolved beans can also in dry condition become little hard stones that will take a very long time to start soften up and start to release nitrogen again.
The powder also dissolves much quicker in water saving you time of waiting if you want to make alpaca tea O

Suitable for vegans and vegetarians

By working closely with the Alpacas, we know exactly what they are being fed. None of the Alpacas we work with are fed any type of animal products, we also don’t mix in blood, fish or bone meal into any of our products. Making the Natural garden fertiliser  perfectly suitable for vegans and vegetarians.

We work with an award winning large alpaca herd

Working with a large Alpaca breeder gives us access to manure from very consistent groups of alpacas. All animals are kept in groups based on age and gender. we log all our collections and can trace your product all they way back to what day it was picked and what field we took it from, in most cases we even know the gender of the Alpacas it came from

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