Why Alpacas?

thenordinsJune 24, 2020

Alpaca poo fertilises your garden the natural way.

There are so many animals out there, why would fertiliser from Alpaca be any different?

The secret to the greatness of Alpaca poo fertiliser can be found inside the alpaca itself. Not many people know this, but Alpacas don’t have just one stomach. They have three!

These three stomachs work together to help the Alpaca to maximise it’s nutritional uptake from the food they are eating. For the alpaca this is a lifesaving skill when roaming the sparsely grown hill sides back in the South American Andes. They need to get energy from every single thing they eat, otherwise they could not survive in that climate. Every piece of grass and every seed gets broken down and turn into energy by the alpacas stomachs.

This means that Alpaca poo has a lot lower content of organic matter compared to other farm animals. But lower content of organic matter does not mean lower level of nutrients, it means the opposite. Alpaca fertiliser has great nutritional values (NPK), low odour and improves your soil capability to hold water and improves the general texture of the soil. Alpaca manure do not have to be aged, rested over the winter or be “turned”. It will not “burn” plants and can be applied onto plants and bedding straight after exiting the Alpaca.

When you want to enrich your soil in a natural smell free way, but still not compromise with your plant’s nutrition and without the risk of extra weeds or other unwanted plants appearing in your garden. Then alpaca is the choice for you.

Try us, neither you nor your plants will be disappointed. 

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